‘It’s fine, I can take it! I’m good at pretending’,

In this day and age, this shit’s never-ending.

You’re groped and offended by people you know,

In their tiny minds, ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’.

You’ll stand at the bar and order your drink,

They’ll make it a double, a ‘large one’ (*wink wink*).

They’ll get you all battered; place a hand on your knee,

Sitting there thinking ‘this one’s for me’.

They’ll tear out your stuffing and make you feel hollow,

Throw you around ’til you only feel sorrow.

Brave faces mean nothing if you know you aren’t brave,

No sense in declaring their actions aren’t grave.

Crude language and thoughts all foully mixing,

A cocktail of hurt; a garnish of misery.

You’ll tell me it’s normal; a harsh fact of life,

That I really shouldn’t have such feelings of strife.

You say that you’re wise, and stronger than I,

But don’t you forget, I know why you cry.

I know I’m no saint, but I’ll stand at attention

For health and not sadness; a world without mention

Of these little ‘men’ concealed by their pints,

‘Stop being so frigid – you want me tonight’.

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