To Jean

The day was dewed and sodden,

As I knocked upon your door,

I wondered what you’d forgotten,

About today and times before.


Our roles have been reversed,

The teacher now the taught,

Your clouded eyes will hide my tears 

And all the past has brought.


You’re guided to your chair,

On weak, unsteady legs,

You’ll sink down into a cup of tea 

And through your sips you’ll beg.


For memories and a life well-lived,

To not go out like this,

A pastless thing with nothing to give

To those you yearn to miss.


There’s not a thing that can be done

For those in your condition,

There’s nothing to say and nothing to give

Except true love and attention.


And I have done just that,

I’ve bared myself to you.

I’ve been with you through nights and days

For you’re my one true muse.


I’ll never forget your life,

And the stories that you told,

For when it’s dark and lonely

Your voice still guides me home.


You always knew just what to do,

When my mind drew up a blank,

And if I ever won an award, 

You’d be the first I thank.


‘Cause you are not what you became,

You’ll be not scared and blue,

For in my mind, you’ll be the one 

I love, and I’ll miss you.

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