To Mum

You’ll wonder what runs through my mind,

And think about just what you’d find

If all my words were to align,

And all our thoughts could be combined.


You’ll think about those halcyon days,

Where talk was free but never cheap,

Recalling all that we would share

Before these nights where you feign sleep.


‘Cause now each day you just feel blind,

You never really know my mind,

I am a stranger in your home,

I am no longer of your kind.


But you still love me through and through,

And I’m in awe of what you do 

In spite of outbursts rash and raw,

You persevere; you still adore.


For in your eyes, I still remain 

One of your boys; never a drain 

On you or the home that you have provided,

Where all that I do is never derided.


In spite of my state, I’ll never forget

Just what you do here, for you have beget

Something amazing, that much is true,

And for all of that, I’ll always love you.

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